Drama Kings and Queens (DKQ) is a program dedicated to enhancing the language and pragmatic skills of students with special needs. DKQ has been offered by LA Speech and Language since 2005, and has grown from a weekly elective in our summer speech program to now an annual summer drama summer program and weekly social skills program. 2019 DKQ summer program will be held June 17- July 26, 2019. The mission of this intensive program is to expose children to the diverse world of theatre in a nurturing and safe environment while honoring and exalting the unique and often times overlooked talents of children with special needs.

Funding for Summer Services Discontinued

Due to funding cuts, summer services have been eliminated from the state budget.  However, children with autism and other special needs continue to need stimulation during the summer months.  Outside support and fundraising enables us to provide the needed speech-language stimulation in a fun yet safe and nurturing environment.  Speech and language intervention is the most frequently used service area of all the types of intervention (Green et.al 2006). Our program is unique in that all classes are led exclusively for 6 hrs/day by our staff of licensed speech-language pathologists. Many parents comment that their children learn more in our summer program than they do during the entire school year!

In Summer 2017, we awarded partial and full scholarships to 25 families.  Limited scholarships are available to qualifying families.

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