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The Los Angeles Speech and Language Therapy Center, D.O.P.E. (De-escalating Officer Patrol Encounters), and the HollyRod Foundation offered it’s inaugural’s 2 night 3 day “Spectrum Shield” training for 12  young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder, 18 years and older at our 5 acre ranch just north of Los Angeles in January 2017.  Our weekend training included members of law enforcement who expressed an interest in participating in this impactful weekend experience.

Our inaugural weekend was sponsored by Xerox Corporation and included fun activities with structured learning thru group discussions, video modeling and guided instruction to simulate various police encounters.   Special emphasis was placed on the importance of the verbal and nonverbal aspects of communication and the critical role that gestures, eye contact, and facial expressions play in defining our intentions.

Over the weekend, our young adults had an opportunity to learn more about law enforcement and practiced appropriate behaviors in order to remain safe during encounters with them. Law enforcement also had an opportunity to engage with the participants and become more familiar with the range of behaviors and characteristics associated with autism. This type of real life engagement can ultimately de-escalate a potentially deadly situation. Our overall objective is to promote trust, greater awareness, and positive dialogue to ensure the safety of all children regardless of race, zip code, ability or disability.

Our next training will take place in May, 2019. 

Ideal participants should be

    • 18 years +
    • Verbal
  • Moderate to high functioning
  • Demonstrating moderate independence in the community (i.e. takes public transportation independently, drives, enrolled in community or other college program, employed part/full time)

Join us for our parent informational meeting and participant screenings

Call 310-649-6199 for more information

Our Instructors 

Pamela Wiley, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

Dr. Wiley has over  40 years of experience having worked numerous years with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Dr. Wiley is a certified, licensed speech-language pathologist and Fellow of the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association. She has been in private practice for more than 35 years and is the President and Founder of the Los Angeles Speech and Language Therapy Center, Inc. Her 16,000 sq. ft. state of the art facility offers a range of services which includes speech and language therapy, social skills for children 3- 18 yrs., summer speech and drama camps, early intervention programs, a preschool for typically developing children, homework helpers lab, parent support groups, The Wiley Academic for Specialized Learning which is a speech and language based preschool program for children with autism and an employment readiness social skills training program for teens and young adults with ASD. She is also the co-author of the Autism: Attacking Social Interaction Problems (AASIP) therapy manuals and parent resource guide available in Spanish and English. Her four comprehensive workbooks target social skills in children, adolescents, teens, and young adults with ASD. Many of Dr. Wiley’s clients began with her as early as two years of age and have now graduated from high school and are attending college, working, driving and even dating. As a result of these long-term relationships, she brings a unique perspective and a track record of developing innovative programs to address their needs.  She is well respected and speaks nationally and internationally on the provision of services to this population.

Stan Campbell

Use-of-Force Expert, Social Activist, and Speaker Stan Campbell is the COO of CCW Safe, a national legal defense membership organization for licensed concealed weapon carriers. Stan is known for his teaching experience as a law enforcement instructor and has personally trained over 4,000 uniformed officers and criminal justice professionals across the nation in the proper use of force, defensive tactics and how to deescalate potentially violent encounters. He has won valor awards, led tactical and street crime teams and is renowned by many for his passion for public service, his expertise in police encounters and his impeccable sense of character and integrity in his life and work. But he simply sees himself as a man ignited by a mission—to build a stronger bridge between law enforcement and the communities they serve. Over the course of twenty years, Stan’s illustrious and honored career in law enforcement would take him from patrol officer to lieutenant, from the Street Crimes Unit to Sniper Tactical Unit (SWAT) and as far as the Caribbean to protect, serve and teach, all the while searching his soul for what he should do next.

Led by his passion, fueled by this purpose and prepared by his experience, Stan is uniquely positioned to expand the dialogue between officers and citizens. He tackles the task from two familiar angles—training and service. He recently introduced D.O.P.E. (Deescalating Office Patrol Encounters) a comprehensive training and awareness program sharing industry tips and personal training advice to citizens and police officers simultaneously. Stan also plans to lend his expertise to communities, to promote peaceful protest and partnerships between citizen groups and law enforcement agencies.

Devoted to eradicating the myths, miscommunication and misconceptions that take lives instead of saving them, Stan Campbell is a voice for justice, for fairness and for the protection of lives—everywhere.

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